Alumni Testimonials

Graduates of our program often identify its convenience, flexibility and strong curriculum as keys to their success.

  • "I really love this program. Since I live in Joplin, a little over an hour away, the program allows me the flexibility I need, and I don't have the extra drive time taking valuable time away from my family. If it weren't for this program, I am sure I wouldn't have been so persistent in working in my master's." ~Stephanie Goad, Class of 2008
  • "I can't tell you what an unbelievable relief I felt when I sent my comprehensive exam in and my research paper for this class. I would imagine for those students who will be changing careers after they graduate it would be even more exciting. I am staying where I am for the rest of my career and since I am Chief Operating Officer and Administrator there aren't any promotions to be had. I am still so glad that I pursued this degree. I think the MSAS program is awesome." ~Karen Bodnar, Class of 2007
  • "I want to thank you for supporting my graduate program experience. I have learned a lot. As an older student, the completion of this program has been personally rewarding." ~Kim Herron, Class of 2005
  • "I just want to take a moment to thank you, the MSAS faculty, and other staff who work with this program. It has been a challenging and very rewarding two years as I've completed my degree. I have learned so much and have been extremely impressed with the content of the courses, the communication and expertise of the faculty, and the way in which my individual needs were met along the way. I have already recommended the MSAS program to others who wish to pursue graduate work and will continue to do so." ~Heather Devine, Class of 2005
  • "I graduated on Friday (yeah!) and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your help throughout my experience in the MSAS degree program. This has been a very positive, enriching experience. When I decided to get my Master’s degree, after more than 15 years after undergraduate college, I had a tough time deciding what degree to go for. When I stumbled on the MSAS program, it just felt right. That turned out to be a correct assessment. The material has been relevant to my job, and very enriching on a personal level as well. Everyone I have dealt with at Missouri State has been friendly, helpful, and encouraging. The online format of the classes were very high quality, and I enjoyed being able to do the work from home, without the pressure of a specific schedule. I believe I was able to put more into it because it was a convenient format for me. Without the online option, I doubt I would have been able to finish this degree. ~Daphne Press, Class of 2004
  • "Thanks for developing such a wonderful, convenient, and responsive program. Without it, I would still only be thinking about earning a master's degree. It was challenging down to the last class; convenient throughout the entire process; and affordable for a program from a high quality, high profile institution. All those nights and weekends of reading, all those hours pounding away on the keyboard in discussion rooms and virtual classrooms, all those evenings in the library researching, they all were worth it. Thanks for provoking me to think more deeply and explore more thoroughly." ~Rodney Surber, Class of 2004
  • "I want to thank you as I complete the MSAS program with the completion of a summer course ending this week. It has been a great learning experience with very insightful instructors. I wouldn't have been able to complete my Master's without the online learning experience that Missouri State afforded me." ~Julie Speer, Class of 2004
  • "Well, I have completed my first "online" semester. I just wanted to tell you that I thought it was quite the learning experience in a very, very positive way. In my position, I was able to actually use the information I learned in your class immediately with our company. In addition, it made me more aware of "conflict" or "potential conflict" within our organization. I could give you multiple examples -- one just happened yesterday where I counseled the president of one of our subsidiaries to "wait 48 hours" before he sent a response to a email!" ~Kent Tyler